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This is my gift to you!  I appreciate you all so much!

This playful planner has been created to give you access to an amazing year!  There are 71 pages of creating-your-year-goodness.  Forget those resolutions and make true changes!


A few interesting things to note.  Did you know that a study was done around how effective New Year’s Resolutions were?  Of the people surveyed – those who did not write down their resolutions – only 1 percent achieved success by the year’s end.  Those who did write down their resolutions – a whopping 44% achieved success.

Additionally, only three percent of people actually take the time each year to create their yearly goals and visions.  Three percent!  It is amazing because if you do any research or reading of successful people in their individual passions – there is one universal thread – yup – the writing and creating of goals and visions. 

There is something about the start of a new year.  It holds such power and possibility.

Ending one year and beginning another is such an incredible opportunity.   I can’t imagine not seizing the vast open space in front of me – a whole year!

As an artist – all I see is a blank canvas and a palette full of possibility!!  I have created this guide and planner to hand hold you through the creation process for 2014.  Enjoy!

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