There is something magical about boxes.  Add those to the sensory table and it is pure magic!


Tubes and funnels where attached to a large boxes taped between two small sensory tables.  I put openings on all sides of the box so the children could move the rice in multiple directions.  I put a box under the structure for rice moving down.


It was so interesting to watch how they explored moving the rice around the structure.   The collaborative efforts were made to move the rice up, down and through the box.


I added lots of scoops, cups, and containers.


Next, the children began adding little boxes— all over the structure.  It transformed into a “Salt Machine” (as they named it).  Rice moved from box to box.

Rice flies everywhere but it is so worth it!

For more amazing ideas and pure inspiration for your sensory table – I highly recommend you explore the Sand and Water Table blog.  I recently stumbled upon it and it is a true treasure. Tom Bedard has taken the sensory table to a whole new level and it has me totally inspired!!  Be sure to check it out.   It is the go-to-guide on the web.