I love love love putting weird and wonderful things in my sensory table.  This is an old farm milk strainer.   I set it in the wire holder of an antique apple strainer.   It worked perfectly.

It is magic. . .


This was just a little sensory table that created big interest.

Scooping, pouring and watching the rice fall to the ground. . . .


Gravity creates the best fun.


Interestingly, I do not employ any sort of center control.  I allow as many as wish to be in the center.

I welcome the opportunity to work out any issues.

I have found using real, re-purposed objects creates the most interest in a sensory table.

I found the milk strainer in an antique mall.  The best stuff can be found in antique malls and thrift stores!


There it is!  Tucked on the bottom shelf of an antique store.   Perfect!