Teaching young children how to use glue can be as simple as a song and strong visual instructions.   Just click on the image to download a copy of this song.  My co-teacher, Patty, has a wonderful additional line I have never heard – “It is strong!”   The children love it!  We make a strong gesture with our arms.
Glue Song

I call the glue bottle “Mr. Glue” and use these terms the first time I show the children how to use the bottle.  (See photo below.)

  • To open the bottle, twist the orange cap until the “white tongue disappears.”
  • Do not twist Mr. Glue's neck.
  • Softly squeeze his tummy.  One small squeeze will make one little dot.
  • To close the bottle, twist Mr. Glue's cap until you see the white tongue.

I break it down to three simple steps (the best number of steps for memory):

  1. Twist the orange cap.
  2. White tongue disappears.
  3. Squeeze one little dot.

Giving these visuals really helps young children picture what they need to do.

Anatomy of a Glue Bottle

Be Researchers!

I love this first glue project from Patty.  This is a wonderful way to practice using a “little dot” and seeing if it really is “strong.”    The class checks to see if a little dot of glue will actually hold a lot.

Set out an assortment of pasta.

Give each child a bottle of glue and a paper plate.


The children use a little dot and place a piece of pasta on the dot.

They may glue as many pieces of pasta as they wish.  Let it dry overnight.
The next day – let the children hold their paper plate and see – did the little dot of glue hold the pasta?

It is strong!!

A Little Dot of Glue Practice:

A Little Dot of Glue Practice

This can help the children control the squeezing of the glue bottle.

The children make a little white glue dot on each black dot.

Practice a second time and let them glue little tissue paper squares on each little dot.