I love, love, love the look of the “Reggio-Inspired” chandeliers.
It was one of the must-do projects with my new class.

I wanted to start with a “natural” base.  Well . . . it just so happened that my son had a big pile of dead bushes in his backyard.  Viola!  A chandelier base!

Materials Used:

  • assorted beads
  • jewelry wire
  • a bush branch

A couple children in my class helped to select our bead palette – silver, clear, and white.
I found the best times to work on the chandelier with the children was during arrival and after nap.  It is a perfect activity for soft and gentle moments.  Stringing beads is a lovely way to sit and talk.

I put down black construction paper “work” mats to help the children “see” their beads and constructions. I prepared the wire strands by putting a bead at the end and wrapping it. I would lay these on the black mats – ready for little hands!

I let the children build and create their own strings of beads.

They loved deciding where to put their strand.

After we completed the chandelier, I let the children decide where it would be hung.  They voted to have it above the block center.   Beautiful!