Two years ago Easter Sunday, my eldest daughter mysteriously lost all ability to walk, hold her head up – – she became like a limp rag.   It took nearly 5 months to figure out – she had an aggressive form of MS.  She spent nearly four months in a hospital bed.  At one point, we were uncertain she would survive.

As a mother, I was desperate.  One day looking at her just laying in the hospital bed unable to walk or even lift herself from a chair  –  I told her – “Lizzie, if you walk again – I am taking you to Paris, France.”

For the last two and half weeks – Lizzie and I fulfilled the promise of that day.  Lizzie went to Paris!

Today, on Easter Sunday, I know the power of life.   My sweet Lizzie was given a new beginning.

Anything is possible.   Anything.
Lizzie in the hospital, unable to move her own body in 2011.

Lizzie, fulfilling a dream to restore her health and go to Paris!  YES!!