Ooh la la – tea salons in Paris! Today I went to Mariage Freres, which has been there since 1850.  They had over 600 varieties of teas from which to pick.  It was overwhelming so I just went with the first tea that caught my eye.  It was the “rouge d’automne the noir.  It is a black tea with candied chestnut infusions.  Divine! (Chestnut is popular here and for good reason.)

I had a madeleine and a macaroon.  The macaroon was beyond anything I could have imagined.  Oh my – both were infused with teas and herbs. 
This was, perhaps, the best pot of tea I have ever had.  I purchased a pound to take home.  Worth every penny.

Across the street there was a store where you could purchase tea, cups, and more.
So many teapots!
Au revoir!