Okay.  I must make a confession.   I am a complete book-a-holic.  I have way too many and still – crave more.  Nothing thrills me more than a good book.
I went into this quirky little bookshop.

The bookshop owner was British and such a delight.  And I found two great old books – “Education Through Art” by Herbert Read (so excited about this book!) and “Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing” by A.S. Neill.

The Herbert Read book goes into the temperaments and expression.  He discusses perceptive types and how to use early drawings to differentiate those types.  Oh my word – dessert for the book-a-holic!

I am feeling better.  I am being very unwise and have been out and about today – despite respiratory issues.  But then,  Paris bookshops have a way of giving me that extra boost of energy!