There is are so many meaningful opportunities for Patty’s Pre-k children to write.  Here are a few:
Color sorted markers and colored pencils.
 The writing center materials.  I love the two choices – fat pencil or golf pencil.  These are both developmentally appropriate.  And providing tape!  So important!
  More writing center materials- a tray of paper, a basket of words (blue cards) and a basket of picture + word cards.
 The picture + word cards are related to their current inquiry – air.
 The children write their name before entering the classroom.
 A basket of weather journals.
 Writing in housekeeping.
Computer play – typing away in housekeeping (pretend- of course).
 Writing is valued and displayed.
Love the writing hanging within these frames.
 Writing samples hanging in a window related their weather study (which came out of the air inquiry).
Tomorrow we will look at Hanging Art in Patty’s classroom.
Monday we will look at how the air inquiry was demonstrated in the classroom environment.
Thank you to Patty and her co-teacher Jenni for sharing their amazing classrooms!!