First, a big thank-you to Patty and her co-teacher Jenni for sharing their amazing classrooms!!

Hold on tight!  This is a massive post!  But it will be worth every visual morsel.  First, I am going to share most of the items in Patty’s Art Center.  Then, following the materials, I have posted a few of the open-ended creations the children created in this center.

I absolutely think it is critical to provide access to open-ended art in the classroom.  I love how Patty has provided such a diversity of materials.

Here is art shelf.  Below is a peek into those baskets and boxes.
A divided box with an assortment of art treasures.
 A basket of found nature items.
 The tried and true toilet rolls.
 A basket of pipecleaners.
 A basket of fake flower petals.
 A basket of plastic bottle caps and packaging.
 A basket of wood pieces.
 A basket of large rocks.
 A basket of river rocks.
 A basket of wood discs.
 A basket of glass discs.
 A basket of assorted scraps.
 A basket of fabric pieces.
A basket of construction paper pieces.
 A basket of wire.  (Love this!)
A couple bowls of beads.
 A basket of cardboard pieces and another basket of paper scraps.
 A box of colored tissue paper.
 A tray of assorted metal art treasures.
 A divided plastic container of ribbons and yarn.

A little box of special hole punches.

A basket of tin cans, plastic lids and cardboard rolls.

 A peek at the displayed creations.
Tomorrow we will look at writing materials.
Thank you Patty!  This is such a treat!