I am starting this series out with a view of the whole classroom.  Many of these photos are over ten years old.  I have noted approximate dates.

These photos will give you a feeling for the mood of a Waldorf Kindergarten.  I love how each one has its own favor.  No two classrooms are quite the same.

Waldorf kindergartens feature natural materials.  Beautiful pure silk drapes hang from the ceiling, windows and tables.   Wool felted dolls and creatures reflect the seasons and mood of the room.

One of the things that really stood out to me the first time I entered a Waldorf kindergarten were the walls.   In Waldorf education the colors of the walls are chosen to best suit the developmental age of the child.  In kindergarten – the color is a peachy-rose color.  This color is a soft and warm color that embraces the young child.   You will notice that how much color is on the walls varies greatly classroom to classroom – yet all share the softness.
A kindergarten classroom from Shining Mountain in Boulder, CO. (1998).  Look at the nature table in the corner.  I love the heart mobiles hanging down.  The lavender draped table was a puppet play.

A kindergarten classroom in Dornach, Switzerland, 2005.  This little kindergarten was total magic!

A kindergarten in California, 1997.  I love the ledge with the seasonal impulse.  What a magical place to play with little dolls and puppets.

A kindergarten classroom at Summerfield Waldorf School in Santa Rosa, CA, 2004.
I absolutely love the log loft.  This photo can not do justice!

Summerfield Waldorf School, 2004.
Peek back at the natural table.  I love that it is made of logs as well.


Summerfield Waldorf School kindergarten, 2004.
I adored this little dining area so much.  It was so warm.  Just outside the door in the back was a little herb garden.  These herbs were used in the kindergarten!  Love that!

A kindergarten classroom from Shining Mountain Waldorf School, 2006.
Take a look at that amazing natural table in the back!  King Winter dost blow!

This is the same classroom at Shining Mountain but the other direction.  Is this not the most divine loft structure?

Tomorrow we will look at the dolls in the classrooms.