HABITS Fuel Goals. . . 

Pesky habits!  When I hear the word habit – I think of all my bad habits.  But in reality – there are many more good habits than bad.  Habits are nothing more than the behaviors we repeat over and over again.   In fact, a habit is a behavior that has become automatic — things like:  setting the alarm, brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, feeding a pet.

Hum.  That's where the gold is. . .  a habit makes certain something will get done.  It will be automatic.  Think of all the good habits you have that get things done in your day to day life.   These habituated actions make sure things like the trash is put out on Tuesdays, you clear the table after dinner, that you show up for work!

This good news!  You can actually create a new habit.

We want to look at habits as a support of our goals.   

Think of it like this – a new habit can anchor a new goal into your life like roots on a plant.  Another way of looking at this is through the view of routines and rituals.   A ritual is anything you do regularly that you invest with meaning. 

Habits can be rituals of every day blessings.
The best way to ensure you take on new habits is to ritualize them.

How to create a new habit to support your goal:

  1. Choose your new habit and be specific.  Choose a simple habit.
  2. Set up a ritual to help you remember the action at the time you want to do it.
  3. Rituals help you remember – do it in the same place, same time, same surroundings if you can for the first 21 days.

My Goal:  Meditate first 5 minutes when I get up.
Habit:  To get out of bed and go to meditation spot as first activity of day.
Ritualize it:  Wrap up in my Madonna shawl before I go to my spot.   Hang my Madonna shawl on a hook next to my bed so it is the first thing I see when I wake up.

Goal:  To walk after dinner with my husband.
Habit: To walk immediately after dishes are cleaned and put away.
Ritualize it:  Put my walking shoes on before washing dishes so I am ready to go.

Rituals set up a trigger or anchor to a new habit.

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