Rosa Parks Preschool in Tulsa, Oklahoma – had so many wonderful tables.  Here are some amazing ideas from their classrooms.

 A large wooden spool with log stumps for chairs.   I love the beads sorted in the muffin tin for stringing for the hanging art.
 I adore this idea so much!! WOW!  An old door transformed into a table with a pelxi-glass top.
 Isn’t it grand?!! I love that you can see through it.  I want one!
Here is another table made from a door purchased at Lowes.   Again, a pelxi-glass top is attached.
 Brilliant use of a wooden spool.  Look closely at the books below!
 And then there are the housekeeping tables!  Look at the adorable wood trunk plates!  Me oh my!  Love it!
 I love the napkins and vases on these tables.  Beautiful.
This is a cool thing to do!  A non-breakable wall mirror put on the table with nature objects.
Again and again I must praise and thank the wonderful teachers and folks at Rosa Parks Preschool.  You have given us so much.  We will thank you by bringing your magic into our classrooms.
(one more post tomorrow!)