Rose Parks Preschool, a Reggio Inspired school, had so many hanging art pieces.  I am sharing a few of these amazing collaborative art pieces.
The strands of assorted beads, ribbons, and other objects that the children created. These were all hung from a tree branch.  Beautiful!


I love full branches like this one.  The children's self-portraits twirl from the limbs with their photo.


The teacher in this classroom told me the best story about this chandelier.  On an afternoon walk, the class found this discarded chandelier in a neighbor's trash.  The children strung the beads on wire (or pipecleaners) and all of these were attached to the chandelier.  Love it!

I am not sure what is hanging (it kinda looks like a metal wine rack).  There are bowls of beads and a basket of black feathers for the children to create hanging strings.  So fun!

Get this! These are bracelets from the Dollar Store that are hanging from an old bike tire.   This is so cool.

A grapevine wreath with strands of beads hanging from it that the children had made.

A string of lights hanging from a disc.  You could use a large embroidery hoop.

This is a stick chandelier.  If you look closely you can see that the stick were wrapped together to form this cube like shape. The children made the strands from pipecleaners, beads and feathers.

This is so beautiful and so simple.  The children's self portraits hanging from a tree branch.

A large embroidery hoop with all kinds of string, yarn and ribbon hanging from it.  It is amazing.

Every family made a strand on this piece that represented their values and traditions.   I love this!

I have my last installment of Rosa Parks photos tomorrow!