In these Reggio inspired classrooms – each room develops its own birthday tradition.  Here is one classroom's documentation on how the traditions are formed:

 A peek at birthday traditions:
 IDEA 1:  I adore this idea!  Notice in the first photo there are empty hoops hanging.  On the child's birthday they decorate and fill their hoop.  There is glitter involved as well – love the sparkle!!!  The child's photo and birthday are attached to the jute holding the hoop.  Love. Totally.

IDEA 2:  Another rocking idea.  Remember the old fashion art project – paste, yarn and a balloon?  Fast forward to Reggio inspired and you have birthday lanterns.  The lanterns hang undecorated until the child's birthday (child's photo is attached to plain lantern).  In the second photo you can see the ribbons woven in for the celebration.  The teacher told me that there are little battery operated flames in the lanterns.  On the child's birthday – their plain lantern is lit.  Everyone knows when they walk in that a birthday is happening! Oh my word!  I love that!

IDEA 3:  The bottom photo shows you an example of the frames hanging on the wall with the child's name and birthday.  I chose to photography a teacher's for obvious reasons.  On the child's birthday they get to create a painting for their frame.  A simple but amazing idea.

 IDEA 4:  Each child has their initial up on the wall plain.  On their birthday they get to decorate their initial.  Isn't it beautiful?!!  (I know – I put it on day one of this series but it deserves a second showing!!!)

IDEA 5:  This classroom decided to create collages on canvas boards.  I love the diversity of materials.  Love the angle the boards are displayed.
 IDEA 6:  This class choose to use canvas boards and create collages.  I really like how there is a birthday cupcake on the blank canvas before the birthday! (And that they decorated those as well.)
The wide range of materials used give these such individuality! Love.

IDEA 7:  This class used the gallery canvases.  These have a deep edge.  They decorate their canvas on their birthday.

Oooo – such goodness!

I must praise Rosa Parks again and again for their generosity for sharing their classrooms and for permission to share the beauty.   You are inspiring beyond words.  Big Hugs to you!

Tomorrow's post is Hanging Art.