Here are snapshots of “collections” from several different Reggio Inspired classrooms.  Enjoy!
Pictured taken in a Reggio Inspired Educare classroom.

Photo taken at Rosa Parks Preschool.
I love the idea of using those old divided boxes for little collections.

I am uncertain where this was taken – perhaps Colorado.
Sorting natural material into baskets and wooden boxes is so beautiful.

How glorious is this?!  Embroidery threads sorted in rainbow ordered boxes.

Photo taken at Rosa Parks Preschool.
This is just a great storage answer and it makes the paint so inviting.


Photo taken at a preschool in Colorado.
Hanging nature items from a branch with wire.  It is so artful!

Photo taken at Rosa Parks Preschool.
Collection of red ribbons and beads on a hanging wooden hoop.

Photo taken at Rosa Parks Preschool.
A collection of fabric strips made into a curtain.

*Some of these photos are several years old and I am uncertain where I took them (before blogging).