This is an art project I did at the local museum.  I used the extra large black construction paper (24 x 36) which gave it such a “wow” factor.  We painted this in three stages:

  1. Drew and painted the bird.  Let it dry. (Used oil pastels to draw the bird.)
    1. Drawing Instructions:
  • Draw a large oval for the body.
  • Draw a circle for the head.
  • Make a small triangle for the beak.
  • Make an oval with a tip for the wing.
  • Add a tail feather if you wish.
  • Add legs.
  • Draw a baseline for the ground.


  • Painted the snow using q-tips and brushes.  Let it dry.
  • Added little details with oil pastels.  (The beak, eyes, wing texture, and designs.)



This student wanted to add clouds to her painting.