This was such a fun painting project.  I ordered the largest size construction paper (24 x 36) in pale blue.   This gave it the “wow” factor.  I love large paintings!  We drew the bears on the paper before painting.  I gave the children crayons.

Step One:  I had the children draw a half moon shape for the head of the bear. I told them to make it a big half circle.  We practiced with our finger “pencil” first on the paper.

Step Two: Next, we drew the ears of the bear – half circles or ovals.

Step Three:  Finally, we drew two dot eyes, an upside down triangle nose with a J shape coming down from the nose.  Then a backwards J to make the other side.

Paint the bear white first.  Let dry.
Paint the eyes and nose.  Let dry.
Paint the storm with a q-tip.  Done!

TIP:  I taught the children to “dip, tap, paint.”  Dip the brush into the paint, tap it against the side of the paint pot, and paint.  Otherwise – you will have drips all over your paintings!