I don't know about you but I love having a clipboard for every child in my class but holy moly that can get expensive!

Well, I ran into someone  (Stacy)  who came up with a DIY version and I couldn't wait to share the goodness!

  • bulldog clips or binder clips (the binder clips are cheaper)
  • 9 x 12 hardboard panel
    • You could have boards cut at your local hardware store – but I like having the board's edges already sanded and smooth

Super simple – just attach the clip!  Done!

You are ready to go!

I use clipboards for guided drawings, group work, writing. . . . the list goes on!
A subscriber, Danielle, wrote me and said she was taking this idea and using it with her white boards.  Every student has a white board in their chair pocket.  (Check HERE for my DIY White boards)  She is going to add a bulldog clip to their white boards – and voila!  It doubles as a clipboard!   Brilliant!  Thank you Danielle!