One of my favorite movement tricks is what I call “Dance Off.”  At some point during the day – during table work, maybe centers, walking down the hall – who knows when this special moment will come. . . .
We break into dance!
Yup! I turn off the light and say “Dance off!!”  Everyone immediately stops what they are doing and finds a spot to dance.  I put on some dance music and we jam out!  I let the children free dance some and then I will call out “Shake your hands above your head!” demonstrating as I do it.  “Stomp your feet!”  and so forth.  I love using my Pottery Barn CD “Party of the Century.” It is perfect (I do select the tracks I use that most appropriate).  Here is one of the songs from this CD.  This is a beloved moment. I don't do it every day. It appears several times a week (more if we are working way too hard). The children cheer!  It lasts for just 60 seconds.  Maybe two minutes if we have sat way too long or it has been a rainy week.

Rules – no voices or touching friends. We move our bodies. This is so important for health and well-being. We do not get near enough recess so we dance! And dance some more! Tomorrow I will share my other favorite dance secret!

WARNING:  This activity will cause great ripples of joy for both students and teacher.  It has been known to make everyone smile.  Be careful!