IDEA #1:  King and Queen of Measuring
This is so cool!  There are many ways to present this to meet specific ages.  I love the idea of the crowns and even doing non-standard measuring!
For more details go to: Deceptively Educational

IDEA #2: Measuring Playdough Worms
Any math that involves playdough is a winner in my books.  I love this idea and how individual the results will be.  So much you can do with this great idea!
For more details go to:  Teach Preschool

IDEA #3:  Alligator Mouth Math
I have always loved using an alligator “mouth” as a tool for teaching greater than and less than. Living Montessori Now has taken it to the next level!  I love this!  What a great work station!
For more details go to: Pre-k and K Sharing

IDEA #4:  Plastic Plates and Dots for Counting
I think it is the simple ideas that grab me.  And this is such a cheap and simple way of making a counting work station.  The link goes to a whole pages of excellent math ideas.  Love this site.
For more details go to: Pre-Kinders

IDEA #5:  Lego Counting Cards
This is a brilliant idea!  I love it!  Again, a great work station for math.
For more details go to:  Rockabyebutterfly