Woot!  I am so excited!
I am going to start sharing some of my favorite fairy tale resources.
It is going to be a stampede of freebies!
These are print-ables that I have created for my classroom use.  These are for your personal use and may not be resold.

Here are my personal beginning sight word readers. These are very simple for the first of the year. Click on image to download.   These two readers have been created to print two booklets at a time.  Just copy them, cut in half and staple them together!  Easy peasy.

Free Readers:

Click on images to download!

Free Sequence Cards:
These cards are great for checking comprehension.  I like to laminate them.

Click on images to download.

Free Storytelling Cards:


Large set of storytelling cards!  These are great for making a story pathway – let children walk the images to retell the story.

Click here for a small set of storytelling cards.