Dear Readers,
You might have noticed I have not been posting much this month.  Well, this has been for good reason!  I am in New Hampshire at Antioch University working on the first bit of my Masters of Waldorf Education.

I am taking the summer sequence program. While I had Waldorf Kindergarten training in the late 1990's – I felt a need to dive back in and refresh my Waldorf understandings.  What a good idea!

I am so excited to share some photos of Pine Hill Waldorf School:
Chalk drawing of the temperaments.
Artist unknown.
A chalk drawing of the 12 senses.
Artist unknown.
One of the many wonderful trees of New Hampshire!

Wax modelling of Mary by Caitlin Kennedy.
I adore the gesture of this sweet little piece.

Watercolor makes everything more lovely!

Oh, how I adore this!  It is a tree stump transformed into a dollhouse!  Glorious!

Sweet little hooks in the first grade entry.  Love birds. . .

I loved this alphabet frieze – hand made with block crayons.  So simple but beautiful!!
Artist Unknown

I adore the little things like this tree made out of cardboard and green bulletin board paper that one of the teachers at the school created.

A chalk drawing on the blackboard by Caitlin Kennedy – gorgeous!