What you will need:  white paper lunch bags, tag board, hot glue gun, and watercolors.
 Step 1: Cut the paper bag down to 5 inches.

Step Two: Cut two pieces of tag board for each paper bag – 4″ x6″ and 2″ x 18″.

 Step Three:  Hot glue the 4″ x 6″ piece to the bottom of the bag.  Next, hot glue the 2″ x 18″ piece to the inside of the bag as the handle.

 Step Four:  I set up each child's spot with the pre-made basket and watercolors.
I let them know that they can draw designs on the basket first, if they wish.


Finished basket.

My kindergarten team hides six eggs per child.  We write their first and last name on each of their six eggs.  During the egg hunt –  they have to find their eggs.   Mrs. Mendoza (one of my colleagues) separates the eggs by color, putting the same candy in each specific color.  Then she tell her kindergartners to find their name on each of the six colors.  I love her method!!!  If a child has found only 5 eggs – it is easy to figure out what color is missing!  Genius!