So dang sweet, it is!  It could be called a large fairy garden but I love calling it the “Living” dollhouse because I put dollhouse dolls and furniture in it.

Here's how I did it: I used a large box that I cut down to just 6 inches tall.  I lined it with a plastic trash bag and poured in potting soil.   Next we built a pathway with stones, planted flowers, grass seed (not yet sprouted), added wood stumps and a way we went!

Don't you love the mushroom/fairy furniture?  Found it on Amazon on clearance!  Score!

Shhh . . . I put a vacated wasp's nest in as a carpet!  Ohhh – so fun!

I think is so rich and full of live to provide a dollhouse setting that has flowers and grass growing and elements of nature.   We will continue to add to this dollhouse “landscape” until school ends.

Learning links:  Next week I will begin telling stories with the little dollhouse people to demonstrate how to spin a story with these props.  We will discuss the beginning, middle and end of my stories.  I will offer storytelling for the children to do for the class much like a puppet show.   Finally, Thursday and Friday I will ask the children to write about it.  It is a full vibrant experience to take to paper.