One year ago this weekend, my eldest daughter lost all ability to walk, lift her head — all bodily functions shut down.  My son had to carry her to our Easter dinner where we all broke down in tears as she could not keep her head up to eat.
Lizzie living life with grace and gratitude!

She had been diagnosed with MS but no one warned us this could happen.   What was going on?  Monday morning I called her neurologist and by noon she was in the hospital.  It is overwhelming to think — she was not dismissed from that hospital until August 1.    It was a roller coaster but through Mayo Clinic and our beloved Dr. Pardo – Lizzie finally received the treatment she needed to regain her life.
Lizzie with our beloved Dr. Pardo.

I had not planned to do this but I woke up this morning in tears.  I am so grateful for the healing of my daughter.  She was wheelchair bound when we brought her home in August.  Today Lizzie walks, teaches highschool and has a fully functioning life.  It is a miracle.

This week I will be offering freebies, giveaways and discounts on current and future courses.   My heart is so full.  I can't help myself but rejoice this Easter weekend.

Stay tuned!