This is a fun activity for math.  First, I taught the children how to draw Fly Guy.  He is a very simple figure to draw.  Next, I had the children draw bugs with Fly Guy.  They had to write a math sentence to go with their drawing.  The room was a peaceful quiet as they joyfully created Fly Guy.

Here’s how to draw Fly Guy:

 Step One: Draw a good sized circle.
 Step Two:  Draw a backwards C for the other eye.
 Step Three:  Draw a long thin U for his body.
 Step Four:  Draw two dots for the eyes and a nose shaped like a water faucet.
 Step Five:  Draw a u for the mouth.
 Step Six:  Draw another u and add teeth!
 Step Seven: Add the legs – one is a line out with three little line toes.  The other leg is the number 7 with three little line toes.  Add an arm – curved line up with little line fingers.  Now, add the first wing which is an oval shape.
 Step Eight: Add the other arm curved line down with little line fingers.  Add the other wing behind the first – it is like a J shape.  Add a line on the first wing.
 Step Nine:  Add the antennae.  Two curvy lines with tiny dots on the end.
 Step Ten:  Now for the most important step!  You will add what artists call “hatching”.   It is those straight lines along the edges of the eyes (see above) and around the body.  Add a few on the top of the eyes.   Ta Da!  Fly Guy!
Too cute for words!  Love Fly Guy!