I know I have posted this before but it is so worth posting again.  I did it a bit differently this time.  It is a “Suzi McMahan” project I love!  And better yet, the kindergartners love it!

Word families are great for young readers as it helps the children find patterns in words.  This not only helps reading but spelling as well.  The “ake” word family also reinforces the “silent e” concept. At this time of year, this becomes an important concept as reading begins to explode in the classroom.

I tell my students that sometimes “e” is a polite fellow and can be very quiet.  When he takes his place at the end, he lets his friends do all the talking.  He is the kind of fellow that always lets his friends go first.  When he is polite – his friends say their name! (His friends are the vowels.)

For example:  cake  – sweet “e” is quiet as can be so his friend “a” can say her name! (long vowel sound)

Here is a link to Cherry Carl's “ake” family pdf!  This pdf has some good reinforcement of this word family study.

Step 1: Draw a large rectangle on the bottom of your paper.

Step 2: Draw a smaller rectangle on top of the first one.

Step 3:  Draw a smaller rectangle on top of the middle sized one.

Step 4:  Add frosting!  You can use a half circle (called scallops) or curvy lines.

Step 5:  Add more frosting!  Dots, zigzags. . .

Step 6:  Make the snakes!  Make an S.

Step 7:  Draw another line to enclose the S.  Make five to six snakes.
Write an “ake” family word inside your snake.

I tell the children to use at least five colors.   Cut out the cake and the snakes.  Glue the snakes on the cake!