One of my colleagues, Amber Hatch, (who is a talented curriculum designer) came up with the best idea.  (And it is super easy!)  The children made their own “green” egg.  Each child wrote “I do not like. . .” and a food they do not like using kid-writing.   Love this project!

What you will need:

  • half sheet of copy paper or white construction paper
  • 3 x 3 square of green construction paper
  • small dixie cups

On the white paper, draw the “whites” of the egg by making a curvy line all the way around the edge of the paper.   I told the children to keep close to the edge or it will not be big enough to write on!
Cut the whites out.

To make the green yolk, use the dixie cup as a tracer on your green square.  Cut it out.

I wrote the sentence “I do not like” on the board for the children to copy.
We discussed how we used sight words from our word wall.

Finally, each child sounded out how to write the food they did not like.

So cute and funny!!

Shhh . . . Amber is going to have her own blog soon!  I know it will be packed with good stuff!  So exciting!  I will let you know when it is rocking!