I know most of you probably do something like this or even something more elaborate.  But I think it is always fun to share ideas.  Here is what I do — I would love to hear about what you do!   Cole is becoming a brother for the first time tomorrow so we made him a book.  (I love making books for big events like moving, new siblings, etc.)

I demonstrated how to draw a baby in swaddling.   The kids love drawing babies!
Here is the finished book!

Here is a sampling of the book:

Next, I make a little baby for a card:
I cut a round piece of tissue paper.  This one is about 3 or 4 inches wide.  I cut out a “baby.”

Fold one side of the circle over onto the “baby.” Glue.

Fold over the other side and glue.
Glue the little baby to a card and write something! (I added a little heart.)  I like to make a big deal about the kindergartner becoming a big brother or sister.  Cole's new sibling is a little girl – he calls Sissy.  So we all agreed – Sissy is one lucky baby to have sweet Cole as a big brother!!!  So exciting!!