Draw a “U” in the lower half of your paper.
 Draw a line across the top of the “u.”
 Make that line into a very thin rectangle.
Now add a long rectangle to the top of that –
almost to the top of your paper.
 Add the stripes to the hat.
 Draw another u for the mouth with two smaller u’s at the ends.
 Draw two black dots for the eyes and an upside down u for the nose.
 Draw a circle around the dots to finish the eyes.
Add three lines from the cat’s cheeks for the whiskers.
Make a square under the cat.
Add two triangles on either side with the point facing in.  Now you have the bow!
Add simple ears if you wish.
All you need is red watercolor paint.
Paint the stripes an ABAB pattern (red, white).
Paint the bow.  Done!