I absolutely adore making my housekeeping a yummy place to play!  Loading it with real props and avoiding plastic toys are my starting point.  I try to keep those ugly plastic food sets out of my housekeeping center.  It is so much more fun to make our own food out of the “bread dough ornament” recipe or FELT! Stores like IKEA are now selling sets but they are still a bit pricey.  Here are a few bloggers sharing some of their delicious felt food.

I love, love, love this simple CUPCAKE!  It looks easy enough I could whip up a nice batch.

Oh, my kinders are going to eat this PIZZA up!  So cute!
Instructions at Semi-Crunchy Mama

This is such a brilliant idea!  Raw sugar COOKIES and baked ones for a set! Yes!
Instructions can be found at Pink and Green Mama

We can open our own SUSHI Train in the kindergarten!  I think the kinders could help make these. . .
Instructions at: Julie In Taiwan

PANCAKES! Felt yummi-ness!
Instructions at Pink Tea

SPAGHETTI  from a great little blog about felt play food!!
Instructions at Play with your food