This is so easy to do with existing manipulatives in your home or classroom.  I put a different manipulative set in each group (see photos).  I print and laminate an “Addition Mat” for each child.  We began with the number five and are working through the number 10 to start.   It amazes me how much they love doing this!  It is simple and easy for them at this stage of the year.  I like to keep it simple as they practice recording their findings.  I like changing the manipulatives they work with.

  1. Each student counts out the correct number of manipulatives needed for the focus number.
  2. Each student explores how many ways there are to make the focus number inside the mat.
  3. Then the student writes this on their recording sheet. (I have them write each finding as they move the manipulatives within the mat).

Addition Circle Mat

Addition Recording Sheets