Kindergartners love word family sliders! It is such fun! This one is very easy to make.
What you need:

  • Print out the gingerbread man below.  I print it on brown construction paper.  I cut the construction paper down to 8 1/2 x 11 and feed it into the copier through the side feeder.  You will have to check to see if your copier does this.
  • Print copies of the letters below on basic white copy paper.  Cut into strips.  I cut mine just a tad wider than the letters.
    (See example in photo above.)

What to do:

  • Have the children decorate the gingerbread man with crayons and markers.
  • Cut out the gingerbread man.
  • TEACHERS – cut slits for sliders.  You can pre-cut the sliders or let the children cut them.  I prefer to cut them for them.  Cut the lines so that the strip will display the letters next to “an.”   (Tip – I use an x-acto knife to quickly cut the slits.)

Feeding the slider into the paper. You can see the slits were pre-cut for this kindergartner and he could not wait to see the slider in action!!


This child cut the slits with scissors.  Older students can manage this just fine.  I prefer to do this for the kindergartners for proper place of the slider.

Gingerbread Man Form

Gingerbread Man Slider for an word family