One of the components of my “Elves and the Shoemaker” unit is teaching the children to finger knit and sew.   Finger knitting is always a favorite.  The boys love it as much as the girls.   Click here for a video on how to finger knit.
Because a long piece of yarn will end up so short – making bracelets is the best first step!

This student wanted to try it on different kinds of yarn and string.  Here he is finger knitting twine.

Clearly, he couldn't stop knitting!  He was draped in his good work!

More and more bracelets!
Normally, I introduce hand sewing during my pilgrim unit.  This year we did not have time to get to it.  So I introduced it as a part of the elves unit.  The elves in the story sew the leather of the shoes.  We sing a song of how the needles go “in and out.”

Materials needed:  burlap, blunt needles, white paint pen, yarn.

1.  Cut the burlap into squares (approximately 10 x10 inches).
2.  Write the first initial of each child's name on the front of the burlap with the paint pen.
3.  Prepare the needles by tying the yarn to the needle and knotting it.