This is a quick and easy project. I wanted something the children could take home and put out to share what they are thankful for. I made two simple black lines and then copied them on colored paper. Simple.
I love the clothespins.  I think there are a lot more projects in the future using clothespins!


I printed the hand on brown construction paper.  I cut the construction paper down to 8 1/2 x 11.  I feed it through the side feed of the copier.  Works like a charm!

I loved seeing what they were thankful for.

Thanksgiving Thankful Hand

Quill Pens
I purchased a package of 25 turkey feathers at Michaels for just $4.99 plus discount coupon.  This week the children wrote with the quill feathers.  Yesterday, I let them take them home.
I used black tempera paint with a little water for the ink.  I put the “ink” in tiny muffin cups (so I could just toss them!).