Making habitats is one of my favorite projects for the children.  They love it too!   What you will need: brown bags, cheap paper plates, black construction paper, scissors, glue stick, crayons.

 Step One:  Cut down the brown lunch bag.  Cut “tabs” in the corners.  Fold back and glue down on paper plate.
 Step Two:  Provide children with black construction paper cut into small squares that have been folded.  You can provide tracers or let the children draw their own bat shape on the fold.
 Here is a cut out bat!
 Step Three:  Put your bat into the bat cave!
 Fold down bat wings for flying around room. . .
 Step Four:  Add details with crayons to your bat.
 Step Five: Make a family of bats.  Decorate your bat cave!
 Draw on insects so your bats have some tasty treats.
 So cool!