The story of the Three Pigs offer so many extensions.  Here are a few currently underway in my classroom:

I set up my IKEA roadway rug (super cheap and wonderful) with matchbox cars, little wooden cars and a set of little wooden traffic signs.  I like to bring the idea of the neighborhood, community, community helpers inside this theme.  It all starts with our homes.
The children love this center.  We have to put speed limits in our little village tho. . .Cars do like to zoom at fast speeds!

Little notepads with a little pen.  Writing magic.  All sorts of writing unfolds. . .
This is one of those YES finds!  I have a wooden tool bench that I found on clearance at Target for $20.  A couple of hard hats, an extra set of construction nuts and bolts and a way we go!  (I think IKEA and Target are both teacher heaven.)
Have you noticed how some children “pile” when they play?  All the toys end up piled?  If you watch the children who do this and then check out their drawings and writing— interestingly — you will find they are children who cannot write letters yet (or just beginning) and have yet to put details into drawings.  In other words, a sense of order spatially has yet to emerge.

Housekeeping becomes a combination of doctor, police station, and eye doctor!  I put various tools of different community helpers in housekeeping and let the children roll with it.
Here is glimpse of what happened Monday.  There was a large group who took some of the materials from housekeeping out on to the carpet and formed their own “office.”

I thought it was way cool because it allowed more room for collaborative play.  They had more room to create together.  Housekeeping was too small.  Yay!  Love the expanded play!
Ooo, colored light is so enchanting!  I saw this in a classroom years ago and loved it!  I draw the letters on copy paper and let the children use the light bright to “build” a light filled letter!
Excellent for building fine motor skills as well.

A view of the humming classroom. . .

Glorious pad of paper providing writing in play.  Gotta love it!