During August and September – my kindergarten team reviews the alphabet.  I have developed several things for those days.  One is a sign in sheet with two animals that begin with that letter.  I am sharing these graphs with you today!  These are for personal use only.  I made these several years ago (before blogging days) and have no idea where I found the images.  I apologize that I cannot site my sources.  As a blogger – I realize the importance of integrity and acknowledging where you find things.

Oh!  The graphs below are uploaded through Mediafire.  I received many emails from readers who cannot download through Scribd.  I just put one graph on Scribd so you could see it!  Enjoy!
A Graph
B Graph
C Graph
D Graph
E Graph
F Graph
G Graph
H Graph
I Graph
J Graph
K Graph
L Graph
M Graph
N Graph
O Graph
P Graph
Q Graph
R Graph
S Graph
T Graph
U Graph
V Graph
W Graph
X Graph
Y Graph
Z Graph