I am so grateful to report to you that Lizzie is improving!  She has been home now for three weeks and we have already seen great progress!  It is amazing!  She has gone from being wheelchair bound to using a walker.  In fact, yesterday she held her father's arm and walked without her walker.  We were so excited none of us could sleep!

While we are seeing enormous healing – it is going to be a slow journey.  She still cannot be left unattended.  She needs someone with her to assist when her body tires and gives out.  Exhaustion is a huge issue as well as getting her feet to work properly.  She is on her way and it is nectar to my mommy heart!!

We went to a specialist on Thursday – a doctor who is a leading researcher.  He exceeded my expectations (and they were high!).  He is going to put Lizzie on a high powered anti-inflammatory drug that should give her body a must needed reprise from her nearly 6 month episode.  He did testing and discovered things about Lizzie's condition that even Mayo did not discover.  I found myself teary eyed with a deep and profound appreciation for a doctor with this level of expertise.  It is a treasure when you have a loved one in dire need of help!

I must warn you,  I have found a new level of challenge working and coming home to care for my daughter.  I am faced with finding a balance between work and home.  Being an over-achiever – this is not easy! Some nights I have fallen asleep before I could get to posting!  I have also found myself reading comments and then forgetting to respond!  Forgive me as I find a new relationship to time and commitment.  It reminds me of when I had babies.  AND our children are so worth it!

Mercy! How the blogging community is priceless!  Thank you for all the love and care.