I had this brilliant idea this summer and it worked!  Woot!  (Don’t you love it when an great idea really works out?)

I went to Target and purchased the cheap tea towels (4 or 6 towels for $3.99).  I purchased enough for every student in my class.   I dyed them with Rit Dye in the washing machine.

My pile of tea towels.
 I wrote “Happy Birthday” using a fabric paint pen.  Then I let the birthday child write their name and decorate the cape with fabric pastels.
 I just love the details the birthday child added!! So sweet!
 Ta da!  Beautiful!  (Shhh!  I did not sew anything.  I just tied it in the front and voila! An old fashion cape!  The photo cannot do this justice.  It is endearing!
Simple, easy, yes!

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