Today I was taken back, again, by the amazing learning opportunities in block play.  We are currently in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  In blocks I put black and brown bear figures, green and blue cloth pieces.  A group of four children began building a “cave” for the bears.  They worked on it for most of free choice.  Little busy bees they discussed, debated, made decisions about how to build this little universe for the bears.
Here is one of the caves they built with the bear comfortably resting.
It reminded me of the immense power of block play.  It is a dynamic tool for constructing.  In this episode, there was an incredible amount of symmetry at one point in the building task.  This group seemed equally committed to balancing the construction.  There was an impulse to build the bear habitat long – adding cloth to extend the habitat.  The cave was created by the draping of the blue fabric.  There was little upset around these decisions.  It was wondrous as the work unfolded. . .  (I wonder what would be possible if Washington D.C. worked together like the kindergarten?)