This is so easy and turns out so lovely.  It is a guided drawing using white oil pastels and then painted with tempera paints.  The last step uses a metallic paint pen.

 Step One:  Draw a large oval that almost fills your paper.
 Step Two:  Draw another circle inside the big circle.
 Step Three:  Draw straight lines between the two circles.
 Step Four:  Draw a straight line down the middle of the inner oval.
 Step Five:  Draw four triangles but this time make the line curve like the shell.
 Step Six: Draw a half oval for the head of the turtle.  Add two eyes.
 Step Seven:  Add four legs using curved lines.
 Step Eight:  Paint in the different sections of the turtle.  Do not paint the background.
Draw a tail with a little triangle!
 Step Nine:  Add gold and silver dots!