This idea was inspired by a picture similar online.   I broke this project into three sessions.  First session we drew the bird, second session we painted it, and finally we added the feathers and sequins.
What you will need is a white oil pastel, tempera paints, black construction paper, and feathers

 Step One:  In the upper right hand corner, draw a small circle.
 Step Two:  Draw a straight line out from the circle.
 Step Three:  Make a curved line from the line to the middle of the circle.
 Step Four:  Add three diagonal lines.
 Step Five:  Add curved lines to connect the diagonal lines.
 Step Six:  Add a little circle for the eyes and a triangle for the beak.
 Step Seven:  Add straight lines for the legs.
 Step Eight:  Draw a triangle for wing.  Draw curved lines to form the wing.
 Step Nine:  Paint the bird with tempera paints.
Step Ten:  Add feathers and sequins.