This is a wonderful mural to create!  I put up two rows of white bulletin board paper and framed it in a black paper with big scallop edges.
This is the mural in process.  I failed to take a final photo!  So sad – it was so beautiful.  You know, sometimes it is the best projects I failed to photography because I am wrapped up in the enjoyment of it all!!
Step One:  We painted the background with broad brush strokes of blue, purple and green watered down tempera.
Step Two:  Paint green construction paper with a variety of green and blue paint.
Step Three:  I gave the children tracers to make their lily pads.
Step Four:  The children then crumbled up layers of yellow and pink tissue paper.
Step Five:  They pinched the middle to create the flower and glued it on to the lily pads.

Step Six:  They glued their flower to the pond.  You do have to wipe away drips!
Child looking for a good spot.
Upclose view of one of the flowers.  So sweet.  This mural is just so lovely. . .