It has been an amazing experience to be at the famous Mayo Clinic.  Lizzie was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital.  The treatment we received was world class from the moment we entered the hospital.  For example – in her room she has total control of the temperature and lights. Every room has its own refrigerator, flat screen television with100 movies on demand (watching Eat, Pray, Love as I type this!).  There is a pull out sofa bed for guests.  The shower looks like the Hilton.  Amazing.

We leave with a tentative diagnosis of MS.  I did not know this but they can not officially called it MS until her second episode.  But it seems to be what we are dealing with.  We are driving back home and re-admitting her to the hospital in Oklahoma.  She will receive five plasma exchanges over two weeks.

We are relieved to have a diagnosis and to know what we are dealing with.  I appreciate everyone's support.   I have been totally taken back by the love and support from friends near and far.

They anticipate six months for recovery.  There are plans to be made and arrangements to consider.  I have no doubt that we are moving steadfast in the direction of healing.  There are many things I plan to do for Lizzie once she is home again – I appreciate all the referrals and suggestions many of you emailed.  I have followed up on many!

With Deep Gratitude,