On Saturday I gave family story time tours at Philbrook Art Museum.  I found this book called “Press Here” by Herve Tullet – I thought would be a good read to a large group of children.  Oh my word!  The children were squealing with joy!   It was such a good book – parents were asking where I purchased it!   As a museum guide for children,  I am always searching for engaging books to read.   I have found some priceless books.  I thought you might enjoy knowing about these gems!
What makes this book so incredible is that it is totally interactive.   The action you take on one page “appears” to “cause” the action on the next page.  If you read it to a single child – they can do the actions the book instructs the reader to do.  I read it to a large group so I did the actions – and the children still squealed! This book is magic!

Some Favorite Professional Reads:


If you have not visited the site http://www.allianceforchildhood.org/publications  please click on the link now!  There are a host of wonderful books you can read online (for free!) or order a copy.

Check these out –  Crisis in the Kindergarten:  Why Children Need to Play in School and  The Playwork Primer

This wonderful organization is well worth checking out!