Sir Ken asserts we need a revolution.  This is an outstanding discourse on the current state of affairs in American education!  I must warn you it is 17 minutes long but worth the watch.  Sir Ken brings up several key points about our cultural dispositions that must be confronted.

  • One point that I feel is critical to reconsider is the idea all children should be educated and encouraged to go to college.  This idea is insanity.  Do we really want to create a cultural mindset where farming, mechanics and other non-degree jobs are “not enough”?  There must be a respect and honor for a diversity of talents and abilities in society.
  • Another key point is that our education system is modeled after the fast food industry (where everything is standardized) and is starving our souls.  Sadly, this is only getting worse despite the fact our national scores are not getting better.  Why do we think that making intelligence is like manufacturing car parts?
  • Finally, I love, love, love how he feels that what is needed is the creation of environments where learning can flourish.  Yes.  And this cannot be standardized by the very nature of flourishing.

This is a must watch.  Lets cause a revolution. . .