I absolutely love my playstands.  I think I would rate these as the one of the best buys I have ever made for my classroom.  They are so easy to transform into a variety of things to fit the mood of current happenings.  And they make great space ships!  I start by putting the playstands at an angle:

I go to Big Lots and gather a variety of items – a white plastic table cover, a silver car sunshade, tin foil, duck tape and any super cheap gadgets.
STEP 1:  I begin by covering the top with the white table cover and duck tape it to the playstands.
STEP 2:  Cover the sides of the playstands with foil.  I cover the shelves as well and put a strip of foil at the top of  edge of the playstands.   I use the silver sunshade as the door into the space ship.  Stretch plastic wrap over the side “windows.”  Secure with duck tape.
STEP 3:  Hot glue a variety of gadgets to a piece of white poster board for dashboard.
STEP 3:  Hot glue poster board to foil lined shelf.
Ready for takeoff!