Thank you so much for all the love, emails, messages of prayer and thoughts for my family and daughter.  It has meant so much to us all.  I wanted to let you know that my daughter was admitted into the hospital today for steroid infusions, further testing (more MRI's and such) and finally, rehab to relearn how to walk and manage her mobility.

This weekend I had that deep intuitive feeling as a mother that she was in crisis and needed immediate intervention.  Our neurologist is out of the country right now so when I called his office and was asked to leave a message for the nurse (who would have to call us after 4pm) – I left a very straight forward question.  What do I do now that she has declined to the point of possibly needing home health care?   I received a call back within the hour, had an appointment within 4 hours and my daughter was on her way to the hospital within 5 hours from her appointment.

It reminds me how much power there is in a question.  Questions open doors, illuminate thinking and sometimes contain the answer within them.

I am so grateful for the support and love of friends, family and blogging community.   I am uncertain what will be needed next.  I know that I will seek more aggressive treatment if this does not work.   I appreciate all the articles, doctors and methods many of you have shared.  I will be investigating them all as soon as we are out of the current crisis.

Hugs to you each.